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The three most critical elements of economy of movement are intelligent feet, proper hip alignment and co-ordination.

Have you ever wondered how professional dancers make things look so easy? It is because their bodies are like well oiled machines tuned to dance with an economy of movement. In other words they dance efficiently.

Efficiency is doing the least amount of work (using the fewest muscles) to perform accurately (dancing with good technique). Misalignment, weakness of the prime movers in a movement, and inelasticity of the muscles that oppose the prime movers contribute to inefficiency.

Balanced Alignment:-Balanced alignment is the foundation of good dance technique. Moreover some misalignment issues pave way for injuries. You need to master intelligent feet. Conduct an alignment check on yourself periodically.
Balanced Effort:-A more balanced alignment will eventually enable you to work with less effort. The goal is for the movement to feel easy Find the muscles to use that are most efficient for the desired action. New dancers may rely on the wrong muscles and/or use too many muscles.
Strength and Flexibility in Movement:-Repeating moves over and over again can cause an overdeveloping of strength of one muscle group at the expense of other muscles. This imbalance is a major cause of inefficiency and injury. If you do a movement in one direction be sure to do it the other way. If you flex be sure to extend. What yo8 contract you must stretch. You will gain flexibility and strength.
Pitfalls of Cross-Training:-it is possible for you body to get confused when cross-training, which can include studying multiple dance forms or styles, participating in a gym or doing karate or any other activity. You are asking your body to do conflicting or contradictory activities. It is important to be aware of that. Good habits are as easy to develop as bad ones. In order to be efficient in a variety of dance forms or activities you must assess and adapt to the unique physical demands of each form and remember that what is correct in one form does not always serve you well in another.
The Buddy System:-When working to increase your efficiency, it is necessary to change habitual movement patterns. Pair up with a fellow dancer that is changing the same habit. Watch each other, give feedback and adapt. Monitor your process.
Importance of Maintaining Good Attendance:-Someone coming in late or after missing a class altogether holds up the entire class. Attendance is imperative for proper training. If you have to miss learn any missed material from a classmate.
The Tip of the Iceberg:-The earlier you begin to work efficiently the more likely it is that you will avoid bad habits and injury along the way.. For those of you who picked up bad or lazy habits along the way remember this:

“As long as you love to dance, your teachers did something right. Even if you have trained your body incorrectly (almost) anything can be fixed with time and effort.



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