Lebanon: The Trip of Our Dreams- One day at a Time

Thursday October 20th 2011

First day of trip.

Got a very early start this morning after very little sleep. Went to bed after midnight. Was up at 2am and again at 4am as Walid was taking a shower. Gus Hernandez picked us up at 5am and we were on our way to Lebanon. Got to the airport in plenty of time. At check in we discovered we had an extra case that cost us $70-. Am thinking maybe Margo can use it. No need to bring it back. Our flight to Newark left at 8am. sharp. We did finally get seats together. Glad of that. Kind of got a chuckle they gave me a handicap spot. Flight was uneventful. Had a hamburger in Newark. Called Renee, Dolores and Mark. Texted Lorna, Lucy and Gus to say we were fine. We boarded for London just in time. At 6:15pm the captain announced we would be leaving. Then it took another hour as some luggage was found but no customers. They had to find the luggage and take it off. Hence the time delay. Had a great supper after finally getting up in the air. Took a nap and watched a movie “A Fish Named Wanda”. Quite cute. We flew at about 32oo feet. The outside temperature was -40degrees. We are about half way across the Atlantic near Iceland. We have about 3 hours to go to get to London.


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