Lebanon A Day At A Time DAY 2

Friday October 21st 2011 DAY 2

The time is 8am and I am sitting in the duty free section of Heathrow in London. Walid just went to get me coffee. I am feeling shaky from loss of sleep. Our plane for Beirut leaves at 10:40am so we are relaxing a little after the cramped space of the airplane. I need a sugar pick me up . Time for a piece of chocolate. They served us a breakfast of a sweetroll with jam and fruit on the plane before we landed. So not really hungry.

We finally boarded our plane to Beirut on BMI one hour late. Interesting flight. Excellent lunch with wine. Walid is in his element talking to everyone in Arabic. He is going home. I feel his excitement. After having lunch I feel more energetic. We will be getting into Beirut late. Heathrow was fun. It really is coming home for me. I feel it! The Brit in me comes alive. Nostalgia I guess. We met a guy from New Jersy going to Beirut plus an English man going to Southern CA of all places. BMI is really nice. Far superior than Continental or United. Do not like the movie screen though. I need make-up deperately. Has been about 36 hours since we left home. Hearing Arabic all around me! Good thing I am used to it. Actually I love it. This is what I will hear for the next 20 days. I am exhausted but so excited to be arriving in Lebanon in about 2 hours. Hope the girls got in ok. Going to be a fantasic stay. I just know it.


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