Lebanon 2011 Day 4

Today is Sunday October 23rd. What a fabulous day! By 9:30am we were showered and downstairs eating breakfast. Hammad the driver was here at Dreams Suites at 10am to pick us up. We headed off to Jietta. What an awe inspiring experience. We took the telefreek to the farthest point. We went to both caverns. Totally unreal. The handwork of God..All I could think of was Crystal CatheralĀ  but God’s work not manmade. Awe inspiring. Walid bought me a hat at the gift shop that says Lebanon and Lucy got me a make up mirror in a case. I got a doumbek fridge magnet for Walid.

We then went to the Lebanse Hall of Fame Wax museum. The Lebanese call it a candle museum. Fascinating. It was so interesting. We all took lots of pictures.We then went to Jounieh for dinner then back into Beirut to see the Harriri Memorial and the mosque. They let us in. We had to cover with long coat/dresses and head scarves. Quite an experience. While there the church bells next door began to chime. We then went to a record store called Virgin to buy CDs etc. I bought the DVD of El Bosta which I have wanted to see for several years. I also got 2 CDs. One of a violinist I love and one of the Feiruz Operettas. Cannot find either of these in the US. From there it was back home to the hotel around 9pm.

Neena called and then Amani called.Such a nice gesture. Walid is downstairs talking to someone again.Neena needs a room in our hotel. She wants to be near us. Plus Neena likes Margo. That is great. I mentioned it to Amani and she said it was a done deal. Love that lady.

A day of days. One I will always remember.


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