Lebanon 2011 Day 5

Woke up early. Feel a little better today. Walid wants to go to the water front today. This is fine with me. Have been wanting to see The Rouchie (Pigeon Rock). The girls came by and we walked down there. Had coffee and hot chocolate then ordered lunch while looking at the spectacular rock formation in the water.We then walked on the Corniche. took pictures the whole time.Walid and Georgia found a back to change some money and we met back at our hotel lobby.  Delightful time. We then walked the girls back to their hotel Purchased a phone and Lucy purchased some last minute gifts.When we got to Royal Gardens Hotel we ran into Ginger and one of her girls. We chatted a while and then Nour showed up.We then went to Barbers for dinner. Had a great dinner. We walked back past our hotel towards the Rouchie and found  a little store that sells wine and liquor. Then came back to our hotel and had a glass of wine in the restaurant. Hamadand took the girls back to their hotel so they did not have to walk at night. I prepared my costume for the show the following night. Amani called . We met in the lobby and chatted. Her and Ali are as sweet as I thought they would be. We had a very nice visit. Ali looked familiar to us. Turned out he was with George Wassouf when he came to Boston and also attended the hafli we were at. Plus he is a great guitar player.he was telling us about it. Amani reminds me of Nadia Gamal but is definitely her own person. So gracious. So glad we got along. Tomorrow the festival begins. Everything is so exciting. Neena is here in the hotel too. Check out our webpages for pictures. http://Destination Dance.webs.com


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