LEBANON 2011 Day 6

Tuesday October 25th, 2011

Wonderful Day! Had breakfast in the hotel. Made our way down to the theater and hung around for awhile. Had my Dunkin Doughnuts coffee fix finally. We did a walk through of our shows.  Walid and I had a minor accident.on stage.Went to the pharmacy for medicine. They were wonderful people there. The doctor check my ribs. Just severe bruising.Walid accidentally rammed the back end of his drum into my lower left side of my ribcage and upper stomach.  Nothing broken thank goodness. He also landed with all his weight on my foot. The medicine sure helped. Neena did some Reiki on me too. By Wednesday just a little sore and red. The Arnica Gel plus pain pills made all be well. Accidents do happen.

Last night Walid was interviewed and cried for the lost Lebanon.It is broken and he loves it so. The show went well even though there were some lack of organization. Two numbers before ours Amani realized my girls were to go on right away not us. We were to close the show. Walid had to find the girls in the audience. Lucy and Georgia did an awesome job. I was so very happy for them. Walid assisted them on drum. Now, Walid and I were closing the show but we now have no Tubl Beledi. Our show makes no sense with just a drum. I was saying without tabl no show.  Walid was going to borrow one from one of the musicians but now our place in the show had been moved we were without.  Ali forgot about a Tubl for Walid. He just had too many things to think of. Margo’s show was interesting . it was Caracalla based and very modern. Was very creative and well executed though.  Walid talked one of the musicians into selling him his Tubl. I was worried about being out of shape  but I looked great in comparison to others. At least in my eyes. Made me feel good.

Amani was so very well organized up to this point. But show needed help. Walid was in the thick of things with photographers and musicians. He was wonderful. I am so lucky to be blessed with a husband that loves me. Our show went very well. Bobby was with us. All in all a great show. All teachers were well represented and the show from the audience perspective was fabulous. I am happy we are here to enjoy it all. We are part of Lebanon.


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