Thursday October 27th, 2011.

Got up at 7am. Walked to the theater. Had breakfast at our Dunkin Donuts. Tour bus picked us all up about 8:30am. Went to Moussa Castle. What a fabulous place for folklore. Got a Phoenician alphabet + ship. Walid got an “I Love Lebanon” piece. We then went to Beit el Din. The President’s summer palace. One hall had hundreds of pictures of Sabah. So interesting. I knew she was an icon but did not realize to what extent. We went to the Wax Museum. Famous people in Lebanese history. Took Walid’s picture with so many people. Had lunch on the road. Typical Lebanese lunch. Then we drove down to J’Beil (Byblos) Fabulous place!

My favorite so far. Ruins of Phoenician and Roman villages etc. Castle is from Crusader times. I am so hungry for Lebanese culture. Past a carantina (slums) which looks worse than anything I have seen in or near Tijuana. Poor people it is so bad. We shopped at the Souk in Byblos. Found a really nice little shop. Want to go back again. Purchased 5 Lebanese costumes with matching Druze Ladies hats. Should have got more. All we need is pale gold harem pants and ties. We then went to Tony Hannah’s Restaurant on the sea shore for dinner. It was fabulous. Typical Lebanese spread. Mounir taught a Lebanese Debke class right is the restaurant. I love Debke but did not enjoy class. He is a good teacher but style too modern for me. Sat back and watched and ate fruit. So fresh, as everything is in Lebanon. Afterwards we drove back into Beirut. A full day of fun. So inspiring! . Bus took us right back to our neighborhood and our hotel. We purchased a bottle of wine from down the street at Rouchie. We then relaxed. A wonderful day with wonderful sights that will be with me forever. I love Lebanon. A wonderful experience. Would not have missed it for the world. Two more days and the festival is done. Sad! Will enjoy tomorrow. I am teaching on the stage at 10am. Have all my notes ready and my handouts plus scarves. Excited to be teaching here.


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