Wednesday November 2nd, 2011

Yesterday was the fantastic wedding day. Talal was so generous and wonderful. Lebanon is so diverse and so full of wonderful surprises. I wonder what today will bring us. It is warm and sunny during the day but quite chilly at night. After all we are in the mountains here. This is Mount Lebanon. I am absorbing everything as I am wondering if I will ever get the pleasure of ever coming back to this place where my heart is so comfortable.

Today we were invited to Michel’s fImageor a breakfast of kishk. He showed us his scars from surgery. His chest and stomach look like a road map. It is a wonder this man is alive. He is such a sweet man. Still my favorite person here is Yvonne. She is 92 years young and sharp as a tack. What a sweet lady. I want to be like her at her age. Michel must be all of 90 also. So much history here. Today I will call Amani and Georgette and set up appointments with them for interviews. Time is getting short. I also would like to meet with Mario Harb the photographer again. Walid is outside talking to someone from Lawrence, MA who owned a restaurant there. I remember! Breakfast was superb. Kishk is my favorite.


Neena Nour is on her way. Today we go to Baalbek. I am so excited. I heard today that New England, NYC etc. had a terrific snow storm. Here the weather is still warm. Neena is here with Dina. We are off to the ruins of Baalbek.



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