LEBANON DAY 15 – Thursday November 3rd 2011


Thursday November 3rd 2011

Today it is raining. Since we are in the mountains we are actually in the midst of the clouds. There is no power today. Thank goodness for the gas (bottled) heater. We went to the Karam’s for breakfast. I remember them from Fall River. They also lived in Montreal at one point. Now back in Lebanon. No pictures to take  as the rain is torrential and the visibility is nil. Beirut is flooded. Last night Selim Assaf called. I like him. Today we will go nowhere We will walk down to the store and buy food to cook. The stove is gas  too. That is good we do not have to depend on the electricity.       

The first relaxed day after all the running around. Bkeshtay reminds me of England living. It is quaint yet up to date as far as furniture etc. is concerned. I have not walked this much since my NYC days. Here everyone walks.  Living here requires a generator for when the power goes off.  We do not have one, of course. The stoves for heat are like the ones I remember in England. It sits in the middle of the room and the exhaust goes up a pipe through the roof. I think it is run by kerosene. Every one sits near or around it to keep warm.       

Walked down to the store . Coming back to the house was like being in Clovelly in Devon. My lungs hate it. They hurt from the exertion. Walid had to help me.  Hate to think what my lungs would be like without dance. This was the second time we have been to the store. Old customers now! Everyone is so friendly. You can tell the country is coming out of war by the groceries they offer for sale. Everything is canned, dried or fresh. In America it is frozen but that takes constant electricity. Plus we are such a health conscious country even though we eat so much junk food. What they sell here we usually considered  bad for you. Most of the people here look really healthy. The fresh fruit, bananas and grapes etc are so tasty and wonderful. The tomatoes are awesome.

Two days left here. It is getting to be time to plan what comes next.  Just Friday and Saturday.  We  texted Christine (Walid’s Godchild). Let everyone  know we are fine.  Have not done half of what we intended to do. That means we have to come back again.

We are now off to Baalbek.  Will have pictures for sure. “Lebanon the Land of Contradiction”


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