LEBANON DAY 16 Friday November 4th. 2011

The Great Amani

Lebanon Day 16 – Friday November 4th. 2011

It is still showing us how nasty weather can be with more rain, thunder and lightning. It is 8am No power again. Mt Lebanon is caught in its own little world. We are waiting for our friend and driver Talal. He is supposed to be early. 9am still no Talal. Guess he is flooded out in Beirut. Not a problem, he will be here when he can. We need to set a meeting time with Amani for today. I need to get my gold fixed. Tomorrow is the last day. Cannot believe it is almost over. It has been a wonderful experience all the way around. We are so glad we took a chance and came to Lebanon.  We love it here.

It is now 9:30am. Talal is here Joseph Salibyinvited us to his house.

Joseph Saliby

His daughter Maya let me use her computer. Tomorrow she will do makeup on me and do my nails. She will give me Lebanese make-up. She is an esthician. Very nice girl. Tala took us to Margo’s after I interviewed him. Neena met us at her house. She met with both Margo and Talal. She wants to stay and work in Lebanon. She still is up in the air though about staying. I feel she will be in good hands when we leave. She has both Margo and Talal pulling for her.

We drove Margo to Hamra area so she could teach. We then drove to Jounieh to meet with Amani and Ali. We had a wonderful visit. I also interviewed her. I have never seen traffic so bad anywhere in the world. It took us over an hour and a half to get from Beirut to Jounieh.

The Great Amani
Lebanese Princess

Amani has a beautiful home. It is so befitting her. Interview went well while Ali, Talal and Walid entertained each other in the salon. We talked in the office.

From there we went back to Achrafieh area to get Margo. She took us to a club in the Raouchy area where she used to work. Neena went with us too. It was very pleasant company to be with. The dancer was a disappointment. It was interesting to see such a poor dancer after spending a week with Amaniand such a fine degree of professionalism.

Our special and talented cousin
Really need a glamour shot.

Margo danced in her street clothes. She was wonderful. What a treat!   She must have been something special in her younger days. She is such a talent. The singer and the music were quite good. We got back to Bkstay about 3:30am. Now we have power. Go figure!